A Personal Goal

Discussions with my Principal at the beginning of the year included this – a goal to get 100% of classroom teachers connecting with their students’ families via some form of technology…twitter, blog, texting, website, emails…it didn’t really matter…as long as they found something that worked for them.Birdie5

One of our School Improvement Goals this year focuses on Parent Engagement and our technology goal seemed like a reasonable one to accomplish. I’m proud to say that as the year approaches its end in a few weeks, we have pretty much reached our goal. I think our staff is awesome! I’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing group of teachers who have risen to the challenge and are making efforts to find a techno-fit that works for them.


As a classroom teacher, I was constantly modelling for my students the strategies I wanted them to try. I realize now that while I have modelled some things for my staff, I have been hesitant to tackle this blogging thing.

I’ve helped others set up their own blogs, and while I like to think I’m a half way decent writer, I’ve never been one to journal or to write consistently, so I knew blogging would be a challenge for me. But…I think it’s time to tackle that challenge…and so here I am. My personal goal is to regularly blog for an entire year (and hopefully it will become a consistent thing long after that). ‘They’ say that something becomes a habit after 3 weeks of doing it. I’m thinking it will be longer for me and blogging, but that’s ok. I’ve given myself a year and I can do this!


I can earn some points while I’m at it too! I’ve signed on for a year-long digital leadership challenge and one component of the challenge includes a regularly updated professional blog. In this, my first post, I’m to include what I hope to gain from blogging. Hmmm – here goes:

  1. make my thinking visible to those I work with and those I work for so they get to know me better

  2. share my learning about all things education

  3. hopefully hear from a few people in the comments section so I can learn from them too

That’s a start…the list will evolve I’m sure. Thanks for reading!

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