It’s Ok to Take a Break

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2008 I think. At first I created my account to connect with my own kids who had twitter accounts and who were living out of town. It was a way I could stay connected to them and hopefully get little snippets from them every now and then. That didn’t last long. They didn’t really Tweet a lot!1

So I was checking my account and following a few celebrities and not really enjoying this new ‘Twitter thing’. I stopped going on Twitter for some time. I didn’t really have anything to tweet since I had only a few followers who I quickly realized were also not tweeting anything really worth reading.

That all changed when I discovered there were people other than my kids and celebrities on Twitter! I read recently (from the Twitter people I think) that educators are the largest group of users on Twitter. I have no doubt. You’d be hard pressed to NOT run into an educator on Twitter if you’re on regularly. We Tweet ALOT! And it can be all consuming at times. I have spent countless hours reading tweets, links, retweets, blogs, articles, news…and it’s all great stuff! Awesome stuff! Relevant, engaging, thought-provoking, innovative stuff! It’s my personal PD delivered right to me throughout the day.

2But it can be overwhelming at times. I have spent the last few days creating timetables and duty schedules and reading report cards and have spent little time on Twitter. There just hasn’t been enough time in the day to keep up with all the tweets lately. Maybe my Tweeps have noticed I haven’t been very visible lately, maybe not. But that’s ok. I know that I’ll eventually get to their tweets ~ filled with new learning for me. They will be there waiting for me when I actually have time to sit and go through my feed. And that’s the great thing about Twitter…my PLN still delivers. I can get to it on my own time and my own terms. But for now, I’m busy with other stuff…and it’s ok. It’s ok to take a break.

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