You’re Only as Good as Your Team

I’ve been doing a fair bit of academic writing lately.  Mostly about leadership and building relationships with various stakeholders.  I’ve been focusing much of my writing on a student leadership program in my school and how it’s developing.  After finishing a basic outline, I wanted to inject some evidence into my writing and was so delighted at how easy it was to find.

I started with Twitter.  I had a year’s worth of tweets, photos and quotes, not only from our school account but from the twitter accounts of many teachers and even some students at my school as well.  Some of the tweets linked to other sources of evidence including blog posts and comments.  I ended up with a comprehensive report which really came to life when the reader viewed the leadership program from all different perspectives.

And so I want to thank the teachers and students at my school for making my writing so full of rich examples. It’s an honour to work with you all.

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