Do You Let Other People Load Your Dishwasher?

My mother never lets anyone else load her dishwasher.  The odd time someone beats her to it, say to help clean up at Christmas or Thanksgiving, she just ends up taking things out, rearranging them or as a last resort, starting from scratch.  It has to be done her way.  Over the years, it’s become a standing joke…but not really.  She’s very serious about her dishwasher.  She could never quite admit or be ok with the thought that those dishes would still get clean, no matter HOW they were loaded.  That dishwasher story got me thinking.


My Principal and I had a quick meeting with our Leadership Executive on Friday.  There are 3 Committees on our Leadership Council.  Each Committee has a Chair and a Co-Chair, so those 6 people, along with the two of us make up the Executive.  Since this was our first Executive Council Meeting, we wanted to set out the vision we had for how our meetings would work, what their purpose was, and what each person would do with the information shared at those meetings.  Each Committee had already been operating for about a month and we were starting to see some school-wide projects put into place. Each Chair/Co-Chair had a chance to share what their committees had been up to and what projects were in the works for down the road.  We were impressed with the level of commitment the Chairs and Co-Chairs were displaying and felt confident in their abilities to lead their respective committees successfully.  We had already seen our Assembly Committee put on the most meaningful Remembrance Day gathering many of us had seen in years.  Their thoughtful request to collect donations for Corporal Nathan Cirillo’s son touched many of us.  Our 7 Habits Committee has a successful school wide campaign running to support the Goodfellows’ “No Child Without A Christmas” annual toy drive.  Our Public Relations Committee has big plans for promoting Sundevil Spirit with a number of exciting projects.  My Principal and I are very impressed with everything our Executive Council shared with us.  By the way, have I mentioned that these 6 people are students?  6 very capable, responsible, and competent students?  We have every confidence that they will be able to successfully lead their committees with only occasional guidance from the adults also serving on each committee.  They’re off to a great start and we are so proud of each of them.

So back to the dishwasher story.  Maybe my mother could have co-loaded her dishwasher with a few of us so that we’d become proficient dishwasher loaders too? We’ll never know – but my dishes still get cleaned just the same.

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